Give Yourself A Break (From A Habit)

I'll be honest: I let myself skip one of my habits every day this week, which means I built a new habit of not doing the habit. The US presidential election was very distracting, a challenging and high-stakes week in a challenging and high-stakes year. It's undoubtedly true that weeks like these are when maintaining good habits is especially important, and in theory I absolutely agree with that. It would have been a great week for meditating and doing a whole lot of other self-care. But you know what? I couldn't focus on meditating, self-care, or much of anything that wasn't refreshing news apps. I did maintain some of my habits — like waking up by 5:45am (I was eager to check the latest news anyway!), exercising (even if I listened to election updates on my jogs), eating fresh vegetables (even if it was tempting to only eat bagels and ice cream), knitting (something I really enjoy and find quite soothing), and getting off screens by 9:30pm (since I was able to convince myself that it wasn't worth staying up for important updates that may or may not come in during the night).

What habit did I drop this week? Reading a book for 15+ minutes at a time. I couldn't focus. And I decided to be okay with that. Overlooking the habit for one week didn't have to mean being done with it forever.

Now the question is, how will I reengage with this habit, which I really do want to build and be able to maintain? My first step is to identify a book that I'm really excited to read for pleasure. I'm taking recommendations!