What if you could live life better – effortlessly?

We all know that​ small habits done every day can add up to large gains over the years... But we also know that they are hard to stick to!

Hence, we began our exploration: To find a way to build habit-building products and resources that make it effortless to meet your goals to live a better life every day.

And it doesn't stop there – We want to build a world where our daily acts of self-care will collectively be better for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our environment. We are inhabiting this world today, and it should be effortless and wonderful to do something for it every single day.

So here's our shared mission with you: Let's inhabit this world consciously, and change the world with our joyful daily habits.

Young Woman in Sun Hat on Beach


The little things matter.

Every single day.

We take the seemingly small habits you can incorporate into your daily life and make them easy to stick to. 



Take care of yourself first.

Do one thing that brings you joy.

We focus on your well-being and self-care first and foremost. When you do something that cares for you, you're caring for those around you too.



Long-term improvement for you.

Massive gains for our environment.

Over time, you'll see these habits add up to something great! And not just that – the world will thank you for your thoughtful contribution to its health and protection.