Pursuing a life we'll be proud of with no regrets.

We started Inhabit Brands because we believe in the power of habit-forming products that can save time and save lives. We want to help you pursue a life you'll love, wholeheartedly and without any regrets.

We believe that caring for ourselves and one another will heal the world. In an age of anxiety and uncertainty, we can each find the time–daily–to focus on ourselves. Even if it's just for a moment. In the space of a meditative breath. When you put on your favorite sunscreen. When you create something with your own hands.

While life goes breathlessly by, we want to be there every step of the way, helping you celebrate, improve, and feel good about yourself every day.

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Carylyne Chan

& Emily Hurd

We are passionate and experienced startup founders and executives with multiple successful exits. Our experience spans artificial intelligence, blockchain, CPG, e-commerce and more, touching millions of users' lives. Living on opposite sides of the globe, we are building a global community that embraces our values.

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Love Yourself